Martin Pépin

About me


I am a PhD student at LIP6 (Sorbonne Université) under the supervision of Antoine Genitrini and Frederic Peschanski where I am part of the APR team. My research is focused on the combinatorial aspects of concurrency and on random generation.

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(NB. In our field, authors are listed in alphabetical order)

Lexicographic unranking of combinations revisited

A. Genitrini, M. Pépin

Algorithms 2021, 14(3), 97


Unlabelled ordered DAGs and labelled DAGs: constructive enumeration and uniform random sampling

A. Genitrini, M. Pépin, A. Viola

Accepted for publication in the proceedings of LAGOS 2021


Statistical Analysis of Non-Deterministic Fork-join Processes

A. Genitrini, M. Pépin, F. Peschanski

ICTAC 2020 - 17th International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing



A quantitative study of fork-join processes with non-deterministic choice: application to the statistical exploration of the state-space

A. Genitrini, M. Pépin, F. Peschanski

Submitted to the Theoretical Computer Science journal



Statistical Analysis of Non-Deterministic Fork-join Processes

December 2020 ICTAC'20 [slides]


A short and non-exhaustive list of softwares I have developed or contributed to as part of my research:

Teaching - 2020/2021

Éléments de programmation 2 (LU1IN002)

Jan. 2021 (38h) - Written exercises

Programming class in C for first year students.

Teaching - past years

Projet STL (PSTL)

Feb. 2020

Tutoring of master students on programing projects:

  • Implementation and comparison of modern sorting algorithms.
    Their work is available on Github.
  • Development of a web inteface for a pedagogical tool helping students of the functional programming class (LU2IN019) understanding the evaluation model of the subset of OCaml taught in the class.
    Their work is available on Gitlab and a demo in running here.

Programmation fonctionnelle (LU2IN019)

Sept. 2019 (38h) - Written & practical exercises

Introduction to functional programming in OCaml for second year students.

Groupe de recherche (GRAPA)

Sept. 2019 (6h)

Tutoring of master students on a research project.

Ateliers de Recherche Encadrée (ARE CALRAIS)

Feb. 2019 (20h) - Tutoring

Introduction to the research methodology for first year students.

Fonctions et procédures de calcul (2I008)

Feb. 2019 (19h) - Practical exercises

Programming class in OCaml in the functional and imperative styles for second year students.

Algorithmique Avancée (ALGAV)

Sept. 2018 (10h) - Written exercises

Advanced algorithmic class for master students.

Analyse d'algorithmes et Génération aléatoire (AAGA)

Sept. 2018 (8h) - Practical exercises

Algorithm analysis and random generation of integers and tree-like structures.

Éléments de programmation 1 (I1001)

Sept. 2018 (19h) - Practical exercises

Introduction to programming for first year students.